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IT support services - ETS IT Solutions

Predictable costs 24/7

ETS IT Solutions doesn’t charge you more when your network is down or a server fails. Our flat-rate fee includes a set amount of hours each month for on-site support.

Increased Productivity

Never worry about network outages again, because our managed services include round-the-clock monitoring of your computers and network to help prevent problems from occurring.

We are always available

One of the things that distinguishes our managed services is that we are always available. With a 10 Minute response time, you can rest easy when you put your IT support needs in our hands.

Our Goal

Our goal is to provide exceptional technical support for small & medium businesses. We aim to increase productivity and simplicity with our managed services

What We Do

ETS IT Solutions Inc. proactively monitors your office IT systems 24 hours a day 7 days a week to maximize up-time and keep systems running smoothly.

Why Choose Us

We provide excellent customer service and walk you through any issue one step at a time. We provide high-quality technical support at a reasonable price.

Services We Provide

Project Management

Looking to upgrade your office? We provide project management services with same day estimates. The first consultation is on us!

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Managed Computer Service

Most Popular

Our most popular service provides your business with a full turnkey solution to keep your office running secure and productive 24/7. Take control of your budget with our monthly flat fee service.

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Traditional IT Support

 Traditional tech services at an hourly rate, give us a call when something breaks and we will send a technician to take care of your issue.

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How Do I Get Started?

IT Consultants Commitment To Customer Confidence

At ETS we strive to keep up with the most updated practices to ensure customer convenience. Thinking of exploring the latest tech options for your organization? Want to know the difference that a Modern IT consultant approach makes on your next IT project? Chat with us today.

Why Choose ETS IT Solution Over The Competition?

We help small to medium-sized businesses across Long Island and the great New York area increase their operating efficient using next generation telecommunication devices.. Using EST IT services has helped our client worry less about being disconnected and more about making connections.

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Your First Step to Increase Productivity

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We Specialize In The Following Services

Cloud VoIP Phone

VoIP has been a significant addition to today’s small and medium business. With rich, enterprise-grade infrastructure and 40+ Calling features, there is no doubt why businesses are quickly considering new feature-rich VoIP over traditional phones.

Virus & Spyware Removal

We will professionally remove harmful computer viruses and spyware, whether remotely or onsite in person.

Hosted Exchange

With Hosted Exchange Services powered by Microsoft Office 365, your business will leverage the most robust email system with no expensive hardware. Our Hosted Exchange Services uses spam filters and premium US-based support as standard features.

Hardware Repair

It’s not to late to fix it, reusing older hardware reduces businesses carbon footprint.

Our Additional Expertise

Consultation Services

Need professional advice from IT people with over a decade of experience. ETS IT Solutions will help you decide on what’s best for your work environment.

Hosted Exchange

With Hosted Exchange Services powered by Microsoft Office 365, your business will leverage the most robust email system with no expensive hardware. Our Hosted Exchange Services uses spam filters and premium US-based support as standard features.


There are many methods of virtualization, find out how this technology can eliminate hardware cost by using local virtual workstations, cloud workstations, or even hybrid systems.

Cloud Server Hosting

We equip our office to host cloud computers. We offer solutions from cloud servers to cloud backup services for greater continuity. Cloud services are a great way to lower hardware cost, improve flexibility, and enhance system accessibility.

Printer System Setup

Connecting the network with your printer has been a common problem most troubleshooting tips online being hard to understand. Our expert technicians can solve this problem while explaining to you the solution.

Cloud Backup

No disaster recovery plan is complete without an off-site backup, Use the power of the cloud by using our state-of-the-art data centers to streamline your backups to multiple locations across the US, worry free.

Data Recovery & Backup

ETS IT Solutions can manage your business data and ensure back ups are up to date. We also help business get back valuable data thought to lost in broken memory.

Office Apps

Experience the latest version of office apps with Office 365. With traditional licenses averaging hundreds of dollars per workstation. Office 365 subscriptions have been a great alternative for small and medium businesses.

OS System Installation

We can make the onboarding process of connecting new office computers with the network hassle-free, transferring the needed data, or even creating a system for the first time using industry best practices.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does ETS It Solutions offer any discounts for emergency services?

At ETS IT Solutions we appreciate our Military, Police, Firefighters, and EMS. We are thankful for your honorable service to our community and are proud to offer 15% off onsite and remote services.

What Exactly Is a  Managed Service Provider (MSP)

This industry term has been widely misconceived by small business owners, but basically it just means a third party service that helps businesses create, secure, and keep their networks up and running.

Do Manage Service Providers (MSP) Conduct Business 100% Remotely?

No, although Manage Service Providers commonly offer unlimited remote customer service. They also initially install devices like VoIP and other  network communication devices. If these were to malfunction, Manage Service Providers would send in their service person to resolve the issue.

What If My IT Problem Happens Over The Weekend?

If any unfortunate technical events happen out of office hours, we still have you covered with an IT support person at a phone call away.

Does ETS IT Solutions recommend any hardware or software 

Yes, we discover devices to help increase productivity and decrease frustration. Our relationship with GrandStream phone makers has grown to where we get better prices on devices compared to the VoIP system.

We already have an IT Support Staff, What Can ETS IT Solutions Offer?

It’s common to have an IT person on call to help with minor problems. However, some issues are too big for one person and need to be resolved with a specialized team. EST IT is here to speed up the process by offering strategic advice, second opinions, and business application support.

Does ETS IT Solutions Offer an IT Security Cyber Policy?

Yes, ETS will design security policies according to the parameters set by the client.

Does ETS IT Solutions Offer Pentesting Services?

Yes, we offer application pentest and network infrastructure pentest. Applicants typically take 2 – 5 business days to complete while network infrastructure can stretch between 1 – 3 weeks. We extensively test for exploits and vulnerabilities, and the timetable really depends on the network size and specific test going underway.

We Design Solutions For Each Unique Work Space

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Modern workspace with tablet and desk accessories
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