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Managed IT Services

Complete IT Solution For Your Office

Companies today must focus on creating and maintaining their businesses. They can’t afford costly downtime caused by viruses, updates, slow systems, or error messages if they want to stay competitive. ETS IT Solutions provides proactive, stress-free managed IT. Our flat-rate services can help you save money, increase productivity, and reduce risk. We can often detect and fix computer issues before you even notice them. We provide on-site and remote IT support.


Years of experience


Faster response time

How Does It Work?

1. Introduce ourselves to your staff, explain different ways to request support and how to efficiently report their issues.

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2. We load a small lightweight application on to each computer.

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3. The application starts a direct communication with our office. Our app starts sending hardware data for technicians to analyze and organize.

4. Review organized data and come up with best practices to maintain infrastructure

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5. Create a company file that will include all the information you provide so we can work without interrupting staff and after hours to not disrupt productivity.

6. Each desktop and laptop are tuned up, cleaned, and optimized to be prepared for outsourced management & maintenance.

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7. Configure a special automation sequence customized to your correspond with your company’s schedule.

8. We standby for staff inquiries and system alerts via text, email, phone, or support tickets

What's Included?

Remote Support

Our office is constantly available to work on your workstations at any time. We are always a phone call away or available to answer any questions via email. We are able to connect to your troubled workstation within minutes and work on it as if we were right in front of it.

Remote Monitoring

Not only do we monitor your office during work hours, but we are also constantly looking after your office 24 hours a day 7 days a week. We proactively monitor all your servers, workstations, and network infrastructure to catch disasters before they strike.

Remote Maintenance

No need to worry about updating software and system updates. We actively check your system so whenever we come across a new update we schedule for the process to run. Updates will run after hours to not disrupt productivity.

Backup & Disaster Recovery Plan

When partnering with ETS IT Solutions we create a plan of action to determine the best way to recover if a disaster were to strike. We will work with your budget and create a custom recovery plan that fits your office.

Remote Services

With remote services, you and your employees will have direct remote access to their workstation from any computer, laptop, or tablet with internet access.

Anti-Virus & Malware Protection

No need to purchase additional software to protect your PC. Our 24/7 maintenance program includes virus and malware protection at no additional cost. We proactively run a scan and update anti-virus databases silently without interrupting productivity.

Software Support

Since we specialize in numerous industries we have the knowledge on all mainstream software including but not limited to Microsoft Office, QuickBooks, Adobe, etc.

IT Management

ETS IT Solutions runs quarterly audits to keep your business hardware and software inventory up to date.

IT Vendor Management

We understand that there are many IT vendors needed to run an office. Therefore we handle all communication needed including warranty information and RMA’s.