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IT Project Management

What is IT Project Management?

IT Project Management is the position of an engineer who oversees a project, depending on the project’s complexity this may include current technical staff or third party staff, ETS IT Solutions provide full turnkey start to end management when exploring the possibility of upgrading, downgrading, or relocating. When hiring ETS IT Solutions for a project, your office will leverage the benefit of using equipment and expertise to assist with your goal.

How are Projects Managed?

We follow five main phases throughout the project’s life cycle.

Project Initiation – Requires a meeting to discuss project goals, expectations, and budget. The designated project manager is assigned to the project and will review the project contract.

Project Planning – The project manager assembles and assigns team members to plan out all necessary steps to reach a successful conclusion. The team will run simulations in a test lab without interrupting current production and standby for approval on hardware purchases.

Project Execution – Once the project plan is thoroughly created, the team will schedule an execution date to install, configure, and implement.

Project Monitoring and Control – As the project is being executed by the project team, the project manager monitors and controls time, cost, scope, quality, risk, and any related factors of the project. This phase is an ongoing process to confirm the project properly meets expectations.

Closing – The final phase of the project ensures all work has been properly completed and approved. The project team will transfer ownership and provide all related documentation to operations.

How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Project Manager?

Projects can range from a simple engineer to a full team of professionals. ETS IT Solutions caters to small businesses so we understand flexibility, scalability, and the importance of using alternative avenues to reach an expected outcome.

What is Considered a Project?

A project can be anything that requires careful planning and a budget, some examples of popular office projects are:

  • Wi-Fi Installations
  • Server Implementation
  • Network Upgrades
  • Security Implementations
Professional Planning
Quality Design
Reasonable Cost
Punctual Delivery