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What are help desks?

We have ALL had those days where nothing seems to be going right. Especially when your computer is giving you a whole bunch of issues. What if we told you that on those days, when you are about to publish your blog post for the week, or send an important business email, and your internet goes down, you could call up a remote help desk and they will solve the problem for you? Seems too good to be true? Well, it’s not! Help desks are a large part of IT management in which they are given access to your computer so they can take a look at any issues that may arise or questions you may have.

ETS IT Solutions recommends that ALL small business owners look into outsourcing a help desk. They can be especially helpful for remote workers or for companies with multiple computers.

What can I contact a help desk for?

Picture this, it’s been a long weekend, you sit down at your desk Monday morning to catch up on emails you missed from the previous week. Unexpectedly your computer screen freezes. You are stuck with unanswered emails and a computer that won’t even open the application. What do you do? You’re scrambling to find answers but remember you recently hired a help desk. This is what they are meant for! You let out a sigh of relief, maybe this Monday morning won’t have such a rough start to the week after all. You call up the number, and before you know it, you’re responding to all of your missed emails.

Help desks offer a wide variety of services. Below, we list just SOME of the solutions they can provide you on a rough Monday morning:

  • Internet speed issues
  • Computer glitches
  • Recovering deleted files
  • Restoring passwords or providing assistance logging in

Help desks can ALSO provide:

  • Analytic analysis
  • Customer support
  • Ticketing systems to request help
  • Automation
  • and more!

Benefits to outsourcing a help desk, while considering the downside

In addition to fast solutions, outsourcing help desks come with many other benefits. Below, we list the pros and cons to outsourcing a help desk rather than having your own.



  • Less control
  • Not on-site
  • Less collaborative
  • IT separated from company culture
  • Location issues

Productivity and efficiency benefits

Those with a pre-existing IT department may want to also look into outsourcing a help desk. This is because, oftentimes internal IT departments can get overwhelmed with staying on top of all their responsibilities. They may be working on new projects, monitoring applications and automating tasks. However, if they are also in charge of assisting employees with current issues they are having on their computer, they could fall behind on other responsibilities. Instead, outsourcing help desks allows them to focus on individual projects and increases their productivity levels. This is also known as co-managed IT.

Help desk provided by ETS IT Solutions 

ETS IT Solutions provides a help desk service that allows you to communicate directly with one of our technicians. The technician is able to access your computer remotely to determine what the issue with your computer is. From there, they walk you through steps to fix it so you can get right back to your work day. Our philosophy highlights our value for creating a personalized experience for each of our clients to ensure they feel satisfied and comfortable working with us. We believe in constant communication and transparency and would love to work with your business!

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